Dining Products

See below for our dinnerware range. No minimum amounts needed and all items are hired separately.

Silver cutlery.jpg

silver cutlery range

Teaspoon .66c ea

Entree Fork .66c ea

Dinner Fork .66c ea

Dinner Knife .66c ea

Dessert Spoon .66c ea

No minimum amounts required for an order.

Limited stock of the Silver Range.

Stainless steel cutlery.jpg

stainless steel range

Rounded edge stainless steel cutlery.

Teaspoon .39c ea

Soup spoon .44c ea

Entree fork .44c ea

Dinner fork .44c ea

Dinner knife .44c ea

Entree knife .44c ea

Silver cutlery 2.jpg

Stainless steel base range

This range is used for large events. Surplus stock

Soup spoon .44c ea

Dessert spoon .44c ea

Dinner fork .44c ea

Dinner knife .44c ea

Fruit spoon .39c ea

Teaspoon .39c ea


Oyster fork .44c ea

Small cake fork .39c ea

Large cake fork .44c ea

Cheese knife .55c ea

Steak knife .44c ea


Small Tongs $1.10 ea

Large Tongs $1.10 ea

Small serving spoon .99c ea

Large serving spoon .99c ea

Silver Ladle $1.50 ea

Ice Scoop $1.10 ea

white china dinner set.jpg

white china dinner set

All hired separately, no minimums

Dinner Plate 10” .55c ea

Entree Plate 8” .55c ea

Bread & Butter Plate 6” .44c ea

Soup Bowl 6” .44c ea

Salt & Pepper Shakers Set $1.65ea

white china 2.PNG

white china accessories

Coffee/Soup Mug .88c ea

Sugar Bowl with lid .88c ea

Cup and Saucer Set .77c ea

Milk Jug 5oz .88c ea